Special Orders

In this page, you can see some of our special  idols made on orders,executed,delivered within India, & exported outside India. Some are of the idols engraved with filled Silver inlay, and some are idols given golden dip coating. Besides these idols, we had delivered some regular outline idols for pooja use,decorative purpose,gift purpose & worship at home. We are always eager to undertake any kind of orders in metal  (bronze & brass) for any purpose.,as customers wishes.

Let all GOD/GODDESS, reflects their blessings on us,to keep going improving  ourselves,explore this art beauty, worldwide.!!! Let us join hands to create  peaceful world with beautiful idols.!


Ardhanari is the  union of Shiva and his wife Parvati in one divine form. The masculine form of  Shiva on the left contrasts with Parvati's feminine rounded cheek, breast and  dress on the right. This figure represents the male and female as the creative forces of the universe - matter and energy - which cannot function without each  other.