The Lord's figure is richly adorned with flowing locks of curly hair rest on his shoulders. The nose is delicately carved and is neither prominent nor flat. The mouth of Lord is also exquisitely shaped. The chin and the ears are carved proportionately. The ears have beautiful ear ornaments. The chest or the Lord is magnificent in cut and size and should if measured be between 36 to 40 inches in width. While the waist would be between 24 to 27 inches. The neck is conch like and the body in the posture of a lion and exquisitely shaped. The belly is also beautifully modeled. The Lord's image has 4 arms; the upper 2 being carved to hold the chakram and the conch, the chakram and the conch are not integral parts of the main idol. The upper right arm holds the sudarsana chakra, the upper left arm holds the Panchajanya, the conch of Lord Vishnu which is blown by him in times of war. The lower right hand of the Lord is in the Abhaya Hasta pose, while the lower left hand is in the Katyavalambita pose

The yagnopaveetham and a set of 4 necklaces or ornaments of the neck can also be clearly made out on the idol. The arms have armlets. The figure is depicted as wearing a dhoti from the waist downwards, while the upper portion is not covered by any dress or vastram. There is however a Katibandham or waistband and this waistband is about 2 inches thick.The legs and feet of the Lord are beautifully shaped, strong and lissome. Both the knees are bent and open slightly outwards, giving the stately figure, charm and grace. The feet are models of perfection and have ornaments near the anklets.