Shiva meaning kind or good hearted, has traditionally been held to live in the Himalayas wearing only ash. In the most supreme aspect, Shiva can neither be seen nor worshiped but he graciously takes various corporeal forms so devotees can comprehend him and pay respect. Shiva as Nataraja is not only the Lord of destruction and creation but also of regeneration. He is associated with; the third eye, indicating divine omniscience; a trident, symbolic of the aspects of Brahman - Creator, Destroyer and Preserver; snakes, which represent his power over death; and a crescent moon, as it waxes and wanes, a symbol of time and death.Shiva adorns himself with a serpent ( a cobra - which signifies regenerative power by the shedding of his skin and also a long life). He uses them to decorate his hair, uses them as necklaces, armlets and wristband, also as a loincloth and a belt.
"In your hand: one snake; another snake tied to your waist; a snake on your neck- they are crawling all over your back, shinning through a ring of serpents, down your body smeared with ash!!"