Krishna is the eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu and the embodiment of love and divine joy. He is eternally a beautiful youth with an enchanting smile and glowing complexion of the colour of new clouds. Bewitching all who hear him, Krishna plays a flute, wears a peacock feather in his curly black hair and a flower garland around his neck. His beautiful garments are the color of lightning. Ornaments caress Krishna's body, but his transcendental body is so beautiful that it beautifies the ornaments he wears.

In the later centuries' accounts probably during the tenth and twelfth century, a cowherd girl named Radha came into great prominence as the constant lover and companion of Krishna. She was the daughter of Vrishbhanu and was married to Ayaan. This woman fell madly in love with Krishna and became immortal. Now her image can be seen standing beside Krishna in most of the temples.

In all the stories of Krishna's youth Radha is given the most prominent place. Their immortal love is often depicted in dances, known as Raas-Iila dances. Radha is invariably shown dancing together with Krishna while all other cowgirls are only seen moving in circle around the two. These days this episode is given a philosophical meaning stating that Radha represents the soul while Krishna represents God. Thus Radha's love means yearning of the soul for merger with the Almighty.